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General characteristics

Binchotan is almost as hard as steel, with the smoothest surface when it's cut through.  If one strikes two pieces together, one hears a clear, metallic sound. It is an excellent electrical conductor. It contains a variety of minerals that were absorbed during its life as tree.


All trees have a porous structure, which is needed to absorb nutrients from soil. Holm oak is one of the most porous. In just one cubic centimetre, Binchotan contains billions of pores, for a total area that could cover a tennis court. Or, one gram has cavities, oriented in so many directions, with a surface area of about 250 m2. Furthermore, the pores are open, hence penetration of air and humidity is eased.

An extraordinary absorber.

Binchotan absorbs moisture from humid air, then releases it when conditions become drier. It also absorbs unpleasant odours, so it can be used in bathrooms, refrigerators and shoe racks, making deodorants unnecessary.

The great purifier: water

But its greatest gift is to absorb harmful substances from various environments. Within its pores and cavities dwell countless microorganisms - inoffensive to humans - that can decompose and destroy any toxic elements.

If put into water, Binchotan can purify it (from chlorine and trihalomethane for example), while releasing good minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and others. Water is purified and enriched at the same time. Many products can be used to make water for drinking, cooking and bathing cleaner and healthier.

Absorber of harmful electromagnetic waves

Electrical appliances like computers, mobiles, microwave ovens, refrigerators emit waves that are generally considered harmful. When those waves enter into the countless micron unit holes of Binchotan, they refract against the walls and weaken until they become extinct. Waves out of a computer, for example, seek the closest electrical conductor. Binchotan is an excellent conductor, so it absorbs the waves permanently, without undergoing any chemical modification.

Source of infrared rays for blood circulation

Infrared rays are alike electromagnetic waves and can be absorbed by the human body  in a range of a wave length between 4 and 50 microns. Binchotan releases infrared rays between 4 and 14 microns, hence the body can completely benefit from the absorption. When the human body is exposed to infrared rays, it warms up as under the rays of the sun and blood circulation is considerably improved.

For this reason, many health shops in Japan sell earrings fastened with pieces of Binchotan charcoal.

Releaser of negative ions and creator of well being for body and mind.

Negative ions are present in pure environments and are missing in polluted places. They are found to produce a sense of well being in the body and relaxation to the mind.

For example, a study has found that the air from a tea field on Mount Fuji in Japan has about 6.000 negative ions par cubic centimetre. A road to Tokyo during rush hours has 120 negative ions, an office has some dozens or none.

Binchotan contains many negative ions, which it can release while neutralizing the harmful positive ions. We recommend to place Binchotan in your home and office or beside your bed to enjoy a better and deeper sleep.

Used as fuel for great cooking

Binchotan - and other kinds of Ubamegashi charcoal that come from other parts of Japan and Asia -  have been traditionally used for better cooking in Japan, since it makes food completely cooked while retaining a delicious tenderness.  Nowadays all best barbecue restaurants in Japan employ exclusively Ubamegashi charcoal and properly advertise the fact.

Flowerbeds and fields

Ashes or small crushed pieces of Binchotan placed in flowerbeds and fields cause air to flow into the ground, making microorganisms more active. As a result, the soil is enriched and crops and flowers will grow better and fuller.

Since it absorbs ethylene gas and ammonia, it also helps to maintain freshness in vegetables and fruits.

It fights termites too.

By absorbing heat and humidity needed by termites, Binchotan repels them from wooden basements.


To match interior decoration with Binchotan features of deodorization, dehumidification and air purification, check our designed products.